Liquidity and Community Incentives

Liquidity and Community Incentives - 45% of the total supply

The goal of Liquidity Mining is to incentivize growing Total Value Locked (TVL) and utilization rate of the platform. This will be achieved by incentivizing both the borrowing and lending pool respectively.

A total of 3,240,000,000 QI tokens (from a total supply of 7,200,000,000 QI tokens) or 45% of the total QI tokens will be distributed via Liquidity Mining Incentive programs and various community programs. The first Liquidity Mining Initiative, LMI-0, will be available to the Borrowing Pool, Lending Pool, and Liquidity Providers for an initial period of 90 days.

Changes to the Liquidity Mining program

The Liquidity Mining program and its parameters are subject to change depending on market conditions. Upon the launch of the BENQI governance, QI token holders will be able to propose improvements to the program. For more information, please see:


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